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About Garth

Garth Frandsen’s interest in photography began as a child when he received a Kodak 110 camera. Eventually he commandeered his mothers Nikon SLR and never looked back. Action has been the theme of his photography from the beginning; whether it was a crop dusting biplane, a cowboy, bull rider, motocrosser, snowboarder, wild animal or a landfill operation, if it moves it has his attention. He participates in most of the sports that he photographs. Garth also has a quiet side – a passion for landscape photography. He loves to be outdoors and finds great satisfaction in creating images in unique lighting situations.

Garth studied photojournalism and design at the College of Eastern Utah and the University of Utah. Along with the formal education, he took opportunities to learn from very accomplished photographers at workshops and seminars. He is capable in a conventional dark room working with black and white and color reversal film and prints.

In 1992, while still in college, he began his business and has been on the cutting edge of technology ever since. In 1994, while still shooting film, his darkroom became digital. Although he still remains a big fan of high quality slide film, he went fully digital in 2003 when he felt that high end digital images had enough quality to be presentable and the cameras were responsive and fast enough to be useful for fast paced action photography. Now the ability to rapidly process images from capture to print has enabled Garth to expand his services to a wider market. Now it is possible to print up to poster sized images the same day at events and also transmit images around the world to clients shortly after the photograph is taken.

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